Pain Management

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Pain Management

AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center offers comprehensive pain management services from outstanding Pain Management Specialists. An estimated 86 million American adults are affected by chronic pain to some degree. At AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center we understand that living with this kind of pain deserves exceptional treatment. We recognize that receiving accurate care is essential to guide you towards a better quality of life in a timely fashion. AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center recognizes that chronic pain is, at times, difficult to diagnose, however we are committed to taking the time with each patient in order to properly diagnose and treat all types of acute and chronic pain.

Outstanding Pain Management Physicians accompanied by an exceptional staff specializing in medicine, psychology, physical and occupational therapy will assist you at Anaheim Regional Medical Center. AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center and the team of Pain Management Physicians offer incomparable patient and medical care.

For more information about our Pain Management Services, please contact:
The Pain Management Department at (714) 999-3994

Pain Management Services Offered: