The Birth Place

At The Birth Place

Delivering Your Baby at The Birth Place

You will deliver in a labor, delivery, and recovery room (LDR) and will stay 1-2 hours after birth (for vaginal delivery).

Immediately after birth, we practice skin to skin contact for an enhanced bonding experience for newborns and parents.

Our staff has received special training to assist you with breast feeding.

The Birth Place also has a lactation consultant to assist you in breast feeding.

Your baby's security is very important to us. You will be informed about the specifics of our infant safety procedure upon your arrival. For information about the electronic security device placed on your baby's ankle, please see our Keeping Your Baby Safe section.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is for babies that need observation, medication, or treatment. We will inform you if your baby is transferred to the NICU.