The Birth Place

At The Birth Place

Keeping Your Baby Safe

Keeping Your Baby Safe Infant security is a top priority at AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center. We strongly encourage you to help us keep your baby safe during your stay with us.

Here's how:

1. NEVER leave your baby unsupervised.

2. Please follow our visitor guidelines.

  • Daily visiting hours are from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.
  • Unlimited visiting hours are provided to fathers/significant others.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to visit unless they are siblings of the newborn.
  • Please limit the number of visitors in your room at all times; a waiting room is available to help you accommodate this request.
  • Visitors with signs of a communicable disease or infection, including colds and flu, may not visit.

3. Try to keep your infant on the farthest side of your room, away from the door.

4. Only give your baby to the appropriate staff members.

  • Information about how to identify these staff members will be given to you upon your arrival.

5. If anyone comes into your room and suggests it is time for tests or lab work that you don't know about, contact your nurse immediately.

6. If you are ever unsure about who is taking your baby, check with your nurse immediately.

7. We never transport babies in our arms; we always use their cribs.

  • If anyone tries to carry your infant out of the room, contact the nurses' station immediately.

8. Please make arrangements for your baby's safe arrival home by making sure you bring clothes and a car seat for your baby's discharge from the hospital.

  • Discharge time is at 11:00 am.

Infant Security System

Your infant will have an electronic device placed on his/her ankle. Please do not disturb or remove this tag during your hospital stay. This device is used to identify your baby and will be removed when he/she is discharged from the hospital.

You, your significant other, and your baby will have matching numbered ID bands applied immediately after birth. Please do not remove these bands during your hospital stay. They are a secondary form of identification for you and your baby.

If you happen to lose your ID band, please notify your nurse immediately. The bands will need to be changed and reapplied.