Quick and Healthy Meals for Weekdays

Quick & Healthy Meals for Weekdays

Looking for some healthy and easy meals you can cook up during the busy weekdays? AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center has you covered! We are happy to offer some of our top picks that all take between 20 and 40 minutes to make. Check out the recipes below to find some fast meals that will help you feel great even on a weekday.

Your Fish: Tilapia & Quinoa

Total time: 30 min.

From poached salmon to crusted halibut, there are plenty of delicious recipes for fish out there. What about a quick and easy one that will put a tasty meal on the table without too much hassle or prep? This tilapia and quinoa recipe with feta and cucumber has the perfect zing of flavor and lean protein to keep you full with healthy energy. The recipe involves just two basic steps and can be done in around 30 minutes! Before you know it, you’ll have platted a healthy, satisfying meal to enjoy.

Your Pasta: Whole Grain Pasta with Asparagus & Favas

Total time: 40 min.

Who doesn’t love a good pasta dish? Sometimes pasta can feel like a guilty pleasure, but this whole-grain pasta with plenty of balanced veggies will help you cut back on some of that guilt—and feel a whole lot better as well. With the addition of fresh asparagus, favas, mushrooms, the pasta may take a backseat for your taste buds. You’ll need less than an hour to whip up this Italian masterpiece with a green flare. Add a dash of parmesan and this dish will easily become your new go-to whenever the past cravings hit.

Your Chicken: Curried Chicken on Pita

Total time: 25 min.

Chicken is an easy protein for people to get used to—and bored with. Change up your average chicken dishes by switching to this flavorful curry dish that is sure to give your taste buds a delightful kick. It is a quick and easy weekday chicken recipe to throw together, taking under 30 minutes to get it on your plate. With tomato wedges and cucumber slices complementing the dish, you can stay away from heavy starches, such as white rice, that typically find their way into chicken dishes.

Your Steak: Lemon-Pepper Steak & Tacos

Total time: 20 min.

When you need a quick and tangy steak recipe, what better option than these lemon-pepper flank steak tacos? Its easy to prepare and will be ready to devour in just 20 minutes! With just a sprinkle of crumbled queso fresco, you’ll get the perfect balance of flavor and juiciness throughout your meal. Add a fresh salad on the side to avoid the temptation of the classic beans and rice.

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