Easy Thanksgiving Meal Options

Easy Thanksgiving Meal Options

So Thanksgiving is closer than you realized and you need some quick and easy recipes to get all your favorite foods on the table? Say goodbye to the week-long holiday prep stress and hello to these easy, simple recipes that will give you more time to enjoy family and friends. Read through our quick-fix Thanksgiving meal options below!

The Quick-Roasting Turkey: 15 Minutes of Prep

For most people, the turkey can be the most dreaded aspect of Thanksgiving preparations. You need to plan out how far ahead you should defrost the turkey, clean in out properly, make sure it cooks correctly and then carve it all up. If you prefer to just get to actually eating the turkey, we have the perfect quick-roasting turkey recipe for you. The chopped up bird will still need to roast for around an hour, but the overall workload is cut down to just 15 minutes!

If you want the traditional turkey but don’t want to put in all the prep time, consider ordering a pre-made turkey from Sprouts, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco, or another local grocery store.

Mash Your Sweet Potatoes in No Time

Something about the deep orange color of sweet potatoes goes hand and hand with fall. Adding a delicious smashed sweet potato dish to your Thanksgiving meal may seem like more stress, but this recipe offers you a quick and easy solution to avoid more pots and pans to clean. All you need is a microwave (can be boiled if preferred) and a few key ingredients! The recipe includes variations for sweet, savory, or cheesy options that will sure to be crowd pleasers. Serve one, two, or all three in just a matter of a few minutes.

Get the recipe here.

Can Your Least Favorite Sides

You can take that literally or figuratively—if you really don’t like certain sides, don’t feel the pressure to stick with tradition! Switch out tired, old sides with more flavorful, easy options. If you don’t have time to go crazy with all the side preparations, opt for frozen or pre-made options in desperate times. Frozen vegetables may not be as great as freshly chopped ones, but they can cut back on your meal workload and make sure you get to invest your time into more profitable moments. While you should exercise caution when purchasing certain frozen and pre-made foods, you can find plenty of healthy alternatives in the store.

Other ways to cut back on Thanksgiving Day stress include preparing main ingredients for your dishes ahead of time, asking friends and family to bring a dish with them, and cutting out unhealthy dishes for a more lean meal.

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

Enjoy a delicious pumpkin pie, cheesecake creation that literally takes just 15 minutes or less! You can whip up a dessert that the whole family will love without even having to pre-heat your oven with this no-bake recipe. The pie will need to set for a couple of hours, but you don’t have to give it another thought once you’ve mixed it together.

This delicious, creamy treat will be the perfect way to finish off your easy Thanksgiving meal! Get to impressing with the recipe.

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