Safety Precautions for Hikers

Safety Precautions for Hikers

Planning a challenging, refreshing, or basic hike? No matter the difficulty level, distance, or obstacles involved, it is important to make sure you stay safe on the trails. Southern California offers plenty of beautiful scenery to explore and hike through. Make sure you enjoy it properly by keeping your own safety a priority!

Top 5 Safety Precautions to Remember:

  1. Hike with a “buddy” when at all possible. If you choose to hike alone, make sure someone knows where you are headed and when you should be expected back (and check in with them when you do return).
  2. Avoid venturing off the beaten path. Staying on marked trails is important, regardless of how familiar you think you are with an area. Shortcuts can also cause erosion and damage to the environment.
  3. Stay hydrated and bring drinking water. Orange County may have perfect weather most of the year, but on the trails you’ll find that staying hydrated in the hot sun is vital. Bring water with you and drink plenty ahead of time.
  4. Know where you are going ahead of time. Check out the trail you plan to hike ahead of time to know what you are getting into. Will you need to be prepared for steep slopes or is it more of a casual stroll?
  5. Keep an eye out for poison oak. Make sure you know how to identify poison oak ahead of time to prevent touching it. If you do, wash the area right away with some mild soap and water (water if that is all that you have). Pat dry the area with a clean towel.

Other great tips to keep in mind include dressing appropriately for the weather and specific hiking area, bringing a light snack for longer trails, and playing it smart with your physical abilities.

Hiking can be fun, relaxing, and a great way to stay healthy and connect with nature. By keeping these key precautions in mind, you can ensure that your hiking experience is enjoyable and profitable!

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