National Nutrition Month

Put Your Best Fork Forward

This March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is celebrating National Nutrition Month to emphasize the importance of making informed food choices and consistent physical activity to develop a healthier lifestyle. With the theme, “Put Your Best Fork Forward”, the campaign strives to remind that each of us holds the tool that can help us make the changes that we need in committing to a lifetime of health. The Academy of Nutrition Dietetics knows that a healthy lifestyle does not happen overnight and each person has different dietary and exercise needs. This why they are encouraging people to find the right balance and create sustainable solutions instead of resorting to diet fads and other quick weight loss programs that can only do more harm than good.

Making Healthier Food Choices this March

When you want to commit to a healthier lifestyle, the key is to make small changes that can add up to new habits and better nutrition. To help you get started, take a closer at your current eating habits and track your responses, impulses, and cravings when it comes to food choices to pinpoint things that you can tweak.

Here are some examples of how you can develop sound eating:

  • Eat in smaller portions- If you tend to follow your food cravings, go ahead, but make sure to eat smaller portions instead of indulging. Use a smaller plate if you have to.
  • Increase fruit and vegetables intake- When it comes to healthy eating, you can never go wrong with fruits and vegetable. Fill half of you plate with greens and fruits before proceeding to your carbs and protein.
  • Drink more water- Sometimes, we mistake thirst for hunger pangs. Before reaching for a snack, drink a glass of water first to know if you are really hungry or just thirsty. A steady six to eight glasses of water can also keep you full and prevent you from eating in between meals.
  • Choose whole grains- Switching to whole grains can do wonders for you. You still get to consume your favorite bread, rice, and pasta but in a healthier form. Whole grains are also known to have high-fiber content that is good for your health and can keep you feeling full.

Physical activity is also vital to overall good health and can create a balance on your eating habits. Try to include physical activity on the small changes that you are making for yourself. Exercise does not always mean spending hours at the gym. A 30-minute physical activity each day can already do wonders for your health. Take a walk, take the stairs, do some yoga poses—there are plenty of simple activities you can do as a form of exercise.

There is no better time to start a healthier lifestyle than now. Join the efforts of National Nutrition Month this March and enjoy a lifetime of good health.

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