Low Impact Cardio Exercises

Easy & Enjoyable Workouts for All Ages

A good cardio exercise keeps our hearts and lungs healthy. It can also help us lose weight, improve our mental health, and give you energy throughout the day. However, contrary to what many individuals believe, cardio workouts don’t have to always constitute rapid or intense movements. Every body is different and needs varied intensities when it comes to physical activities. If the usual cardio workouts such as running or sprinting tire you out easily or cause you pain in your joints, you may want to try low-impact cardio exercises. These types of workouts are easy on your body but still keeps your heart pumping.


If you want a low-impact cardio workout that can also improve your breathing and mental health, you may want to try doing yoga. This ancient practice helps increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone without the pain. No matter your age, gender, or fitness level—yoga is for everyone! For a more uplifting experience, you may also want to try aerial yoga.


Walking is the easiest way to move. With just 10,000 steps each day, you can expect a potential 3,000 calories burned every week. To get started or motivated, you may want to get yourself one of those wearable techs or pedometers. However, if walking does not give you that much challenge, you may also try hiking. There are many different terrains that you can try depending on the intensity you’re looking for. It can even give you an easy 10,000 steps or more with just one trip.


Since we were little kids, riding a bike has always been a great feeling. But do you know that cycling is also a great low-impact cardio? If you think cycling only targets your lower body, think again! Cycling is actually a full-body workout that utilizes several muscle groups in your body. It strengthens your core, tones your arms, legs, buttocks, as well as your back. You even have the choice to do it outdoors or indoors with a static bike.


If you want a cooler workout with no sweat, try hitting the pool. Swimming is a great workout because everything feels lighter and easier in the water. But because of the breathing required when you swim, it easily gets your heart pumping. Swimming is best for injured athletes or for overweight individuals who need to take it easy on their joints. This low-impact cardio exercise is not only good for your heart and lungs, it can also help you sculpt a strong back, shoulders, and arms.


If you want something out of the ordinary, you may want to try rowing. This low-impact cardio exercise works about 84 percent of your muscles including your arms, back, core, and legs without even having to stand up. In Los Angeles, you have the option to join classes that perform this type of exercise on actual row boats. However, you also have the choice of doing it indoors with a rowing equipment.

These are just five of the many low-impact cardio exercises that you can try. If any of these still cause you pain or discomfort, you may ask for recommendations from your health care provider about which low-impact cardio workout is most suitable for your body’s needs. Remember, exercise should make you feel good, not cause you injuries.

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