Physicians Only


Starting July 31st at 5:30AM Anaheim Regional Medical Center will be transffering to the newest version of Chartlink named Chartlink5. This new version will require you to install the Chartlink5 application. To access the installer for Chartlink5 please follow the unstructions below once you are connected to ARMC's Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

Installing Chartlink 5

NOTE You must be connected to ARMC's VPN to continue this process.

Chartlink now requires an installation of an application to obtain access.

You can find the link to the installation via the Physicians Portal http://amintranet/physicianportal_chartlink5.html

Once the installation program is launched you will see the screen below. Press Next to continue.

In the HIS Server IP Address field type

Leave the TTY blank and the Device Type should be Standard PC. Click install to continue.

A new icon will appear on your desktop once the installation has finished called CPSI ClientWare. Launch this application to continue.

Enter your login information in the fields. Make sure that Chartlink 5 is selected under Application. Click Connect to login to ChartLink.

Chartlink5 Users Guide

To obtain a Chartlink5 Users Guide please click here