Emergency Department FasTrack coming soon to AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center!

AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical is committed to providing excellent health services and medical care to our patients and our community. As part of this commitment, we are extending the Emergency Department (ED) services to include a new ED Fast Track area where patients with simple illness or injury receive prompt care, treatment and services.

The new ED FasTrack will provide additional treatment space for our patients and allow us to see patients promptly during the busiest times of the day. The ED Fast Track area is staffed with emergency medical professionals that include physicians, nurse practitioners (NP), nurses and other supportive team members. Patients with less urgent medical needs can be treated in the ED FasTrack area. These needs include:

  • cough
  • sore throat
  • back pain
  • lacerations
  • bites
  • stings
  • allergic reactions
  • urinary tract Infection
  • rashes
  • suture removal
  • wound checks
  • prescription refills

All patients are triaged by a Registered Nurse, then assigned to the appropriate treatment area based upon their presenting condition. All patients are evaluated by a medical professional and care provided based on the medical needs of the patient.

The ED FasTrack will allow us to promptly treat patients with minor concerns while allowing the space in the main Emergency Department to be used for more acutely ill patients. An additional benefit of the FasTrack program is decreased wait times for all patients seeking care.

We are excited about opening our new ED FasTrack which will allow us to continue to deliver compassionate, high quality of care and services to our patients at all times. Look for our new ED Fast Track at the end of January 2015!